Ad Concept Studies

  • Before you launch a campaign, wouldn’t it be nice to know how your target will react to it?
  • Trying to choose between ad concepts, but not sure which one to go with?
  • Wouldn’t you like to have research back up your concept before you launch a campaign or sell a campaign?

InfoSearch Ad Concept Studies provide a simple, comprehensive way to pre-test advertising concepts with any market. While focus groups only provide rich qualitative data, the Ad Concept Study provides both quantitative and qualitative knowledge – for example, you can learn which of two outdoor boards best grabs the attention of locals versus tourists, and why each grabs their attention.

Using the online methodology, Ad Concept Studies can test various types of advertising – outdoor board, print, online, radio, television, copy or tag lines, positioning statements, and more – without having to rely on audience recall. Advertising concepts are included within the online survey – respondents can view the advertising concept as they are being asked about it.

A sample of quantitative objectives an Ad Concept Study can answer:

Which ad concept/tag line/position statement is …?

  • Best at initially grabbing or attracting attention?
  • Most believable?
  • Best at motivating respondents to visit?
  • Best at differentiating from you other competitors?
  • Best at grabbing the audience’s attention?
  • Most memorable?
  • Has the most positive impact?


  • Ask questions about specific advertising while the participant is viewing the ad, so they don’t have to rely on their recall abilities.
  • Determine statistically significant differences between advertising concepts through SPSS.
  • Contact a specific or multiple market or subgroup or audience.


  • Understand which ad concept is best to meet your goals and why.
  • Understand what respondents liked and disliked about other ad concepts as well.