Branding Studies

  • If you need to change your current headlines, copy, or tag lines, wouldn’t it be nice to know what your target market considers fitting—or preposterous?
  • Do your current branding strategies compliment the existing perceptions of your company or your product?

InfoSearch Branding Studies allow you an opportunity to copy-test headlines, copy, or tag lines, overall branding, and positioning statements for your or your client’s products and services.

Several methodologies are useful for Branding Studies, including focus groups, Internet Surveys, and even telephone surveys. At InfoSearch, we’ll work with you to determine which methodology best meets your goals.


  • Understand awareness of headlines, copy, or tag lines, branding and position statements, and so forth.
  • Discover effectiveness and memorability of headlines, copy, tag lines, and branding or position statements.
  • Identify if target market relates branding with product and/or company to which it refers.