Focus Groups

InfoSearch Focus Groups are a great way to obtain rich, qualitative information from a particular market. While focus groups do not provide quantitative data, they do provide a wealth of qualitative feedback that can come from reactions, behavior, suggestions, comments and everything else moderators can learn in face-to-face interaction.

At InfoSearch, we work with you to develop an in-depth discussion guide to focus on answering your main questions. Our experienced moderators successfully guide participants through that in-depth discussion guide. For best results, we recommend that each focus group lasts 90 to 120 minutes in length.


  • Provides rich, detailed information about specific goals.
  • Each is conducted by skilled, experienced moderators.
  • Each group can be observed by management in real time, or by video/audio at a later date.
  • Provides written results with an executive summary that recaps the qualitative data.


  • Learn more about market attitudes and preferences.
  • Discover detailed information about key issues and opportunities.
  • Provide a rich understanding of a targeted group.
  • Obtain feedback about potential programs and services while in the development stage.
  • Pre-test marketing and advertising options on target audiences.