Internet Surveys

InfoSearch has a wealth of experience conducting internet studies. Internet surveys offer quick turnaround and provide comprehensive results with qualitative and quantitative data. Our clients can target just about anyone who has access to the internet – market segments or clients/customers/visitors and so forth. 

For every internet survey, respondents can be emailed an invitation letter – authored by our client or by InfoSearch – to let them know what the survey is about and ask for their participation.  All invitation letters include a link to take the survey. Our professional internet surveys follow a simple, easy-to-read format that only asks questions relevant to them based on their answers.  It’s just a two-step process for respondents to start the survey – open email, then click the link!


  • Each survey has customized questions and online reports (if desired).
  • Respondents are only asked questions pertinent to them.
  • Use of internet panels allow data to be representative.
  • Written and/or online reports provide rich and actionable data.
  • Statistical analysis via SPSS.


  • Provides rich information that can be used to address both tactical and strategic operational issues.
  • Is typically cost effective compared to other methodologies.
  • Invitation reminders improve response rates.