Mailed Questionnaires

Mailed questionnaires provide a wealth of information through the tried-and-true method of direct mail, and are the best way to contact hard-to-reach people, such as those in rural or low-income areas, or to contact a large number of potential respondents. 

While Mailed Questionnaires typically have a low response rate, we have developed a series of best practices to maximize the response rate and deliver the most accurate results.  Here are a couple of key points to always keep in mind:

  • Keep the questionnaire straight forward and to the point.
  • The shorter the questionnaire the more likely people will be to respond.
  • Always include a cover or invitation letter.


  • Formatted surveys that are specially designed to ensure that they are correctly delivered in the mail, complete with easy-to-read questions and response choices.
  • U.S. Mail package – to send questionnaires efficiently and receive completed surveys.
  • Results provided and analyzed in custom or online reports, with an executive summary.
  • Statistical analysis via SPSS.


  • Reach a large group of potential respondents cost-effectively.
  • Obtain rich qualitative and quantitative results.