Telephone Surveys

InfoSearch has more than 10 years of experience creating and conducting telephone surveys. Telephone surveys continue to be the best methodology for many research studies; for example, when you are looking for input from the general population or are targeting certain segments of the population less likely to have continual internet access or have internet savvy. Additionally, telephone surveys are beneficial when you might want interviewers to ask for clarification or additional articulation for more detail.

InfoSearch has a direct partnership exclusively for the purpose of conducting telephone market research interviews for our clients. Twenty-four hours a day, we have access to a 30 CATI station telephone research center, where highly-trained research interviewers do outbound calling. We do not conduct any political polling or telemarketing campaigns. Our quality assurance program provides ongoing monitoring via audio and visual monitoring tools to ensure that quality standards are maintained.


  • Professional, experienced telephone interviewers talking respondents through the questionnaires.
  • Telephone interviews conduct with CATI telephone research center.
  • Statistical analysis via SPSS.
  • Custom reports analyzing the data with an executive summary and detailed findings.


  • Provide rich qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  • Ability to probe deeper into responses and explain in more detail questions to allow more reliable data.
  • Guarantee the sample size of survey participants.