• What are your customers thinking – and saying – about you?
  • Are customers who contact your service department satisfied with the transaction? From their perspective, are their issues resolved?

Whether you are in banking, telecommunications, or energy services, it helps to know more about your customers. InfoSearch offers two types of ongoing customer studies that enable you to keep a finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction: Customers Satisfaction Studies and Customer Transaction Studies.

InfoSearch’s Customer Satisfaction Studies for the Finance and Utilities industries let you know what your customers are thinking and can be customized to your specific needs.


  • Determines customer satisfaction with various aspects of your products and services
  • Identifies communication and issue awareness,
  • Identifies customers’ current behavior and likelihood of using new products/services
  • Identifies perceptions of your company’s strengths and weaknesses,


  • Identifies customers’ preferences, concerns, and priorities,
  • Enables you to compare results by different demographic sub-groups
  • Enables you to know if there is a “performance gap” between your performance and customers’ expectations and/or your competition
  • Enables you to track trends over time

Customer Transaction Studies

InfoSearch’s Customer Transaction Studies for the Finance and Utilities Industries are designed to track feedback about customer service department transactions, call centers, and service calls in the field. These can be customized to your specific needs and include measuring:


  • Measures satisfaction with initial contact (e.g., ease of finding contact information, hours of operation, ease of navigating through automated instructions, length on time on hold).
  • Identifies satisfaction with service representatives in terms of courtesy, knowledge, and helpfulness.
  • Identifies whether the issue was resolved from the customers’ perspective, as well as overall satisfaction with the transaction.


  • Helps you know if your customer service department, call center, and/or field personnel are achieving your customer satisfaction goals.
  • Enables you to track significant trends over time, to know if satisfaction is increasing or if there are service issues that need attention.
  • Provides real-time feedback and automatically alerts management about dissatisfied customers who have unresolved issues.
  • Enhances your service recovery program by enabling you to respond to customers’ concerns in an efficient and timely manner.