• Are your employees advocates for your company?
  • Do the employees who express concerns represent the majority or the few?
  • How many of your employees plan to be working at your company in two years?

Employee satisfaction directly relates to employee retention and has an effect on overall customer satisfaction. Using an array of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, InfoSearch's team provides clients a range of services to measure, report, and utilize employee satisfaction results in the Finance and Utilities Industries.

Our team is also available to assist clients in questionnaire design, employee feedback sessions, and providing management direction to effectively utilize survey results.

InfoSearch provides three employee opinion surveys: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) surveys, Internet-based surveys, and mailed questionnaires.

For all of our surveys, InfoSearch's customized web-reporting service, InfoLive™, allows clients to easily access and analyze employee opinion survey results online. This system makes it easy for clients to see their employee engagement results and to run online reports for specific employee groups.


  • Measures key employee issues.
  • Provides information by department and key employee groups.
  • Ensures anonymity of employees to encourage honest feedback.
  • Delivers easy to use, online reports in real time and provides the ability to segment results online.


  • Identifies employee engagement issues.
  • Provides dashboard indicators of satisfaction and engagement by department and key employee demographics.
  • Helps leadership set strategies and priorities for addressing employment issues.
  • Identifies areas where leadership may need additional training.
  • Enhances employee loyalty and retention when results affect positive changes.

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