Custom Research

Custom research projects allow us to probe even deeper to find the answers you’re looking for. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with your team to focus on specific areas of interest to discover exciting new data you can use to drive satisfaction, loyalty, and financial performance.

A sampling of custom research projects we conduct for clients includes:

  • Market Area Studies | These can show you whether your marketing has a positive impact on your target audience and whether your marketing is delivering a good return on your investment.
  • Customer Profiling | What motivates your customers to do business with you—and with your competition? What behaviors and preferences do they exhibit, and how can you capitalize on them to drive your financial performance? Customer profiling gives you the data and insights to make better decisions.
  • Perceptual Mapping | How does your product or service stack up? Perceptual mapping provides insights about your business image versus competitors in your marketplace, and it identifies attributes that influence customers to do business with you and/or with your competition.
  • Advertising & Brand Awareness Studies | Are you communicating with your customers? Our studies determine customer perceptions about specific ad campaigns and awareness of your brand in a competitive marketplace.
  • And More | If you have questions that need answers, we can find those answers for you through custom research.