EventNet™ is an automated research system designed to gather feedback from meeting or event planners who have held a meeting or event on property or off-site.

EventNet™ is a totally integrated system that includes an internet survey, automated email alerts, and a real-time reporting system. The survey covers all aspects of a meeting or event, including pre-meeting/event activities, setup of meeting/event facilities, audio/visual, hotel accommodations, catering and banquet services.

Each meeting or event planner receives personalized e-invitations from property management thanking them for holding their meeting/event on property or considering their property to host their meeting/event. Once the survey is completed and submitted, an automated email alert notifies property personnel that the survey has been completed and the survey results are immediately available to be viewed online.


  • Provides the ability to automatically send a survey invitation to individual meeting/event planners.
  • Automated e-mail alerts to notify property personnel upon submission of surveys.
  • Satisfaction ratings are collected on specific aspects meetings or events, including pre-meeting/event activities, meeting/event facilities, audio/visual, banquet and catering services, and so forth.
  • Real-time online reports allows managers to view the survey results of an individual meeting planner, or to aggregate survey results.
  • Survey responses can be linked to specific sales, catering, and service staff.
  • Feedback is provided via satisfaction ratings and individual comments.


  • For those holding an event on-property, EventNet™ provides consistent feedback from the planners’ point of view as to the strengths and weaknesses of holding their event on property.
  • For those holding an event off-site, EventNet™ provides insights as to why another venue was selected, and how successful it was.
  • Enhances service recovery by automatically identifying planners who have issues or who were dissatisfied.
  • Provides feedback that can be used to strengthen a property’s offerings to attract meetings and events.