PropertyPulse™ is the gaming industry’s only proprietary benchmarking program that provides statistically-valid customer satisfaction measurements across multiple profit centers – hotel, casino, player’s club, dining and showroom entertainment – and then compares results to a national gaming-industry customer satisfaction index.

What makes PropertyPulse™ unique is that it provides benchmarking developed from interviews conducted among 88,000 gaming property guests across all major U.S. gaming markets.


  • PropertyPulse™ provides a random sampling of property customers.
  • Measures customer satisfaction performance against national gaming industry benchmarks.
  • Was developed based solely upon input from gaming customers.


  • Identifies – at a glance – areas that may need management focus.
  • Gives perspective to “low” or “high” ratings relative to others throughout the industry.
  • Provides a quantitative link between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.