Citizen Studies

  • How satisfied are citizens with their opportunities to be involved in local government?
  • Do community members think that local agency employees are helpful?
  • What percent of the community has accessed information on the agency’s website?

InfoSearch provides local government agencies with comprehensive research that measures public opinion on a variety of services and on the major issues facing the area. This research is cost-effective because the actionable results help agencies efficiently allocate limited resources.

City/County Services Studies

City/County Services Studies measure citizens’ satisfaction levels with — and opinions about — service, programs and policies. These studies cover topics such as methods of communication, citizens’ interaction with employees, community involvement, and whether the agency is headed in the right direction. The studies are customized and can provide feedback about specific departments, ranging from police and fire departments, to street repair and parks & recreation.


  • Provides data that is statistically representative of the relevant sections of the community.
  • Provides a performance gap analysis that identifies gaps, if any, between community expectations and community perceptions of performance.
  • Provides public comments that clarifies reasons for ratings.
  • Provides trending over time, when conducted regularly, to indicate where significant changes in community perception have occurred.
  • Includes analyses that describe and compare results by relevant demographic and geographic groups.


  • Helps community agencies monitor public perception of the agency itself, as well as its delivery of services
  • Enables agencies to know if changes in policies or operations have affected public opinion in a positive or negative way.
  • Identifies service problems or issues.
  • Enables agencies to make more informed decisions with respect to policies and services and to allocate limited resources.
  • Helps agencies set priorities for established and proposed facilities, programs, and services.

Ballot Issue Studies

Ballot Issue Studies / Initiative Studies
Prior to investing substantial resources in new bond or tax initiatives, local authorities benefit from knowing if these initiatives will be supported or rejected by the community. InfoSearch conducts market surveys in communities to help agencies know the level of and reasons for community support or opposition to a proposed initiative.


  • Measures specific issues that are of importance to a particular community.
  • Provides information about who does and does not support potential initiatives.
  • Provides insights into the reasons potential voters do or do not support particular initiatives.
  • Provides information about preferences and priorities relative to other potential initiatives.


  • Helps agencies know public opinion on key issues.
  • Facilitates strategic planning and helps agencies make informed decisions.
  • Helps agencies know how to invest communication funds and public relations efforts.

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