Tourism Ad Awareness Studies

  • So you did an advertising campaign for your area. Did anyone see or remembers it?
  • Did the campaign entice people to visit?

InfoSearch’s TourismAd Awareness Studies for tourism are designed to research advertising campaigns that have already launched. An Ad Awareness Study is the only way to really know if your advertising made it to your target audience, enticed them to visit, or interested them in your area.

With our online methodology, Ad Awareness Studies can ask visitors or potential visitors to recall ads and then present the actual advertising within the online survey and ask again if they remember it and moreover what they think of it.


  • Include actual advertising – billboard, print, online, radio, television, etc – in survey about to ask respondents’ feedback
  • Reach your target audience for the survey and determine percent recall, impression and impact
  • Statistical analysis via SPSS
  • Quick feedback in a comprehensive report, including an executive summary to sum up the actionable data


  • Understand if the advertising campaign enticed or initiated your target audience to visit
  • Indentify if your advertising is recognizable to your target audience and their feedback

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