Visitor Profile Studies

InfoSearch offers a variety of visitor profiles: hotel-based visitors, motel-based visitors, visitors who stay with local residents, day trippers, overnight visitors, first-time visitors, or whatever your focus may be.

We track the market origin, methods of travel, visitation patterns, spending budgets, lifestyle activities, perceptions of the community, intent to return, and detailed demographics of visitors. Most of our Visitor Profile Studies are conducted on an ongoing basis, with visitor profile data summarized quarterly and annually. We also work closely with convention and visitors bureaus to include custom items that are designed for strategic planning or are of interest to community stakeholders.


  • Provides information about various types of out-of-town guests.
  • Identifies “facts” about visitors – such as their market origin, mode of transportation, accommodations, and demographics.
  • Identifies “opinions” of visitors – such as their perception of the community, lifestyle preferences, and intent to return.
  • Highlights significant trends over time.
  • Provides online summary reports on a quarterly and annual basis.


  • Disseminates visitor profile information to the tourism industry and community.
  • Identifies potential areas of vulnerability (i.e., increasing age of visitors, decreasing intent to return).
  • Helps convention and special event planners.
  • Describes spending budgets of visitors to the area.

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